Parang – The Game

Every game created by Beast of Borneo will be original and unique. Parang is the first of these games and once you play it you will want to play over and over again.


It is simple to learn but quick and fun to play. Whether you go head-to-head in a two-player game or you see who comes out on top in a three or four player game, you will have great fun trying to out-play and out-wit your opponents.


In Parang, you will use traditional Dayak warrior equipment to challenge each other for Head Trophies (Antu Pala).  Only the greatest of warriors will collect the most number of heads and so the player with the highest number of Antu Pala at the end of the game is the winner.

Bitesize info about each type of card:

antu pala

Antu Pala

Warriors collected heads as a symbol of power, status and strength but they were also used for magical protection and a bountiful harvest.



As well as the perfect weapon for collecting heads, the Parang is essential for cutting trails through the dense rainforests of Borneo.



The Terabai is the physical protection a warrior needs in battle; these shields are always decorated with ornate designs.



These feathers, from Hornbill or the Great Argus, adorn the headgear (Ketapu/Setapuk Tunjang) of warriors.



The Topeng, or Mask, was worn during rituals of fertility and protection of crops. The Shaman also wore it to scare away the bad spirits that cause illness.



The wild rainforest of Borneo is always to be revered and respected. It is as fearsome as it is bountiful. Typified here by the great Rafflesia flower.


The great thing about Parang is that even the weak cards have a chance to beat the strong ones, so you have to choose wisely about when and where to play each card.